How much can I save on my lighting energy costs with your services?

You will see savings in the order of 40 – 50% on average.

Who will install the LEDs in my building?

Our specialty is offering turn-key projects, so we use our own fully-licensed contractors for installations.

Why is LED lighting better than traditional lighting?

LEDs last longer, cost less to maintain, produce little to no heat, can be engineered to project light only where you want it and cost less to own over time than traditional lighting.

How long do LEDs lighting last?

High efficiency lighting lasts for 10 years or more! Lasting 10x longer than your current solution.

Will our maintenance costs be reduced if we retrofit to LEDs?

Yes. Most companies have no idea how much they are spending on maintenance until it is eliminated. We help eliminate the need for much of your lighting maintenance.

Do you help with acquiring incentives from local power providers & utility companies?

Absolutely! We work very closely with local energy providers to ensure that you get the best rebates available for your lighting upgrade.

Incandescent Lighting LEDs
Electric Bill Your current amount 50% less
Light Bulb Lifespan 12 months 10 years
Led Store Las Vegas

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