Zero Out of Pocket Funding

One of the benefits of working with Global Lighting Technologies, is that we can provide our customers a zero out-of-pocket financing to cover their energy efficiency needs. We will provide funding to your company so you don’t have to worry about the initial investment.

The beauty about this solution is that your new energy bill + the monthly installments for financing, amount for LESS than what you’re paying in electric bills today.


Save money each month without putting a single penny upfront!

LED Retrofit Project Funding
How Does It Work?
  • You are ALREADY spending the money needed for the project by overpaying your electric provider each month.
  • Most projects are paid for before the 12 month mark.
  • Your savings in the electric bill pay for the project, and once completed, your costs drop by as much as 50%!
  • Spend wisely TODAY and stop throwing your hard earned money in electric bills.
Zero Out-of-Pocket Example
  1. Company X discovers they are overspending by $20,000 per month in electricity due to an inefficient lighting system.
  2. Company X agrees to contracting Global Lighting Technologies funding, covering the total cost of the project.
  3. GLT installs a custom-tailored LED lighting system at Company X’s facility. Company X’s new energy bill amounts to $10,000 and their monthly payments for the project funding amount to $2,000. Totalling for $12,000 altogether.
  4. Company X enjoys a $8,000 per month cash flow increase (CFI), without putting a single dollar down on initial investment.
  5. Once the funding installments are completed (usually before the 12-month mark) company X’s bottomline increases by $10,000.
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