3 reasons to invest in efficiency

Going Green Saves Green

Did you know that every $1 spent on energy efficiency projects yields $2.84 in savings over the life of the project?Energy efficiency is the best way to reduce costs and increase profits. Cutting energy use by 20% translates to a 5% increase in your bottom line.


Increased Employee Productivity

People prefer to work in energy-efficiency buildings designed to provide fresh air, daylight and a greater sense of control over airflow, temperature, and lighting levels. Studies show that productivity increases by 3%-5% and sick days decrease by 20%-25% when energy efficiency measures are implemented. Even small improvements in employee health and productivity can have substantial financial impacts, potentially much larger than operational energy savings from building retrofits.


Keeping Pace with Your Competition

Your peers are already saving in energy costs, so why aren’t you? It’s the best way to save money, reduce risk and maintain a competitive edge, even in the most challenging economic environments.From industrial giants to the shop next door, business owners are getting on board with energy efficiency. More than 100 leading industrial firms, from Apple to Bank of America, have committed to reduce their energy intensity by 20% in the next 10 years.

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HID/LED Energy and Maintenance Comparison

HID/LED Comparison @ same light Output

HID System HID Wattage HID Life Hours LED wattage LED life Hours Savings
150w MH 185 15,000 70w 50,000 63%
250w MH 283 15,000 140w 50,000 51%
320w MH 361 20,000 210w 50,000 42%
400w MH 459 20,000 210w 50,000 54%


Luminaire 400w MH HID Shoebox LED - 90w Parking Lot
Cost Per KWH $0.10
Operating Hrs / Day 12
Fixture Qty 100 100
Input Watts per fixture 460 210
Annual Hours On per fixture 4380 4380
Annual KW 201,480 91,980
Annual Energy Costs $20,148.00 $9,198.00
Annual operation savings with new LED system $10,950.00
Expected Relamp & Maintenance Costs Per Luminaire
(parts, labor, disposal, and lift rental per instance)
$120 $0
Lamp Life (rated hrs) 5,000 50,000
Expected Lamp Life In Years Given Annual Operating Hours 1 10
Percentage of Lamp Life Consumed Each Year 100% 10%
Annualized Maintenance Costs (per luminaire) $120.00 $0.00
Annualized Maintenance Costs (entire site) $12,000.00 $0.00
Annual maintenance savings with new LED system $12,000.00
Annualized Energy Costs (entire site) $20,148.00 $9,198.00
Annualized Maintenance Costs (entire site) $12,000.00 $0
Total Annualized Cost $32,148.00 $9,198.00
Estimated annual savings $22,950.00
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