Why Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting?

Why Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting?

You should always seek to make a great first impression, and for businesses that is usually your parking lot. Parking lots are often not given the love they deserve, so customers and visitors are greeted with something that has not been maintained and whose appearance has been allowed to go down. One of the most cost-efficient and easiest way to bring your parking lot back up is to improve the lighting.

Old vs New Technology

Outdoor parking areas are usually illuminated by high-intensity discharge fixtures, or HIDs. The latest trend has been to replace the HIDs with LED fixtures. As HIDs are not that aesthetically pleasing, require a ridiculous amount of power, have overall low light quality, and are more expensive to maintain, this is not a bad idea. HIDs also tend to have a low color-rendering index, or CRI, which measures the ability of light source to show the natural colors of objects compared to a natural light source; HIDs have a CRI of 0 to 65, meaning that their light tends to tint objects orange.

They also tend to be multi-directional, meaning that you have no control over where the light lands. For those with parking lots near residential areas, this means a lot of complaints from neighbors should you be open past waking hours.

On the other hand, LED parking lot lights use far less power, require almost no maintenance, and provide a better quality of light when compared to HIDs. It is worth noting that LEDs have a CRI 80  or higher. This means that the light they produce show colors closely to what one would expect as well as increase visibility of objects. In addition, LEDs deliver less glare and can be focused better, should you wish to illuminate only select areas, making your neighbors happy. Outdoor LED fixtures, such as area lights, canopy lights, dusk-to-dawn lights, flood lights, and wall packs can last as much as 90,000 hours longer than their HID equivalents while using up to 90% less electricity. This means that the LEDs pay for themselves within two years.


In short, the most cost efficient method as well as easiest way to upgrade a parking lot is to simply replace HIDs with LED parking lot lights. You gain in saving, longevity of the bulbs, safety, brightness, and color quality, while losing a lot of the maintenance and energy costs, as well as saving time on replacing bulbs. You also make your neighbors happier. This means that it is worth it to make the switch for those worried about the cost. Call Global Lighting Technologies professionals today for a free consultation on how to best switch over.